Cp Brass Sanitary / Plumbing Fittings.

Cp Brass Sanitary / Plumbing Fittings

About Us
Finish & Coating Chrome Plated, Nickel Plated, Electro-Tinned Plated.
Threads BSP, BSPT, UNF & NPT
Size As per material specifications desired by the customer.

We also manufacture plumbing & sanitary fittings as per Customer specifications (Drawings & Samples)

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Sanitary Pipe Fittings India

Overview :: Sanitary fittings are employed, particularly in the food and beverage industries. Apart from these two industries, they are also popularly applied in the personal care and biopharmaceutical manufacturing industries. They are often referred to as hygienic piping or high purity piping because of their basic and meticulous design. They are well-developed that they can be easily cleaned. You can either strip them down to pieces or disassemble them and clean them manually or by using a clean in place process. They restrict holding areas where germs and bacteria could start to form or harbor.

We manufacture sanitary pipe fittings :: AquatecIndia top rates as the finest manufacturers of first class sanitary products in the plumbing compression pipe fitting industry. We manufacture superior quality of brass plumbing fittings, and employ high-grade finish and coating such as chrome plated, electro-tinned plated, and nickel plated. In addition, we also manufacture fittings according to customer’s specifications through drawings and samples.

Advantages to expect :: Our company follows certain guidelines in quality control. We strictly comply with the quality specifics of manufactured products. Hence, we only provide the highest quality of products. We are highly acclaimed as among the top suppliers for high-quality plumbing pipe fittings. So, once you purchase our products, you will be certain and confident that you are paying for your money’s worth. You are even paying less compared to other manufacturers. Our products are not only designed with the best quality of materials but as well as cheap. We make sure that everyone can get the finest products in plumbing pipe fittings for an affordable price. Moreover, our products are designed to be easily used. You can easily assemble and disassemble the fittings.