Incredible Brass Compression Fitting Manufactures & Suppliers in India

Fittings are of many types and are used in a wide variety of applications with the most common one being plumbing. The fittings made of stainless steel, galvanized steel and brass are usually threaded. To use threaded fittings, you just have to simply twist them into the pipe.

One type of fitting that makes it easy to join two lines is the compression fitting. Compression fittings are typically used on soft tubing and hard copper pipe that has a 3/8 inch or smaller outside diameter such as ice makers and faucets. These connections are sized according to this outside diameter.

Compression fittings for attaching piping usually have a ferrule, also known as a sleeve in them. The sleeve is placed over the pipe that is placed inside the fitting. After this, a nut is placed over the joint. It creates a seal when tightened.

Compression connections are often utilized instead of soldering. However, they are supposed to be installed in stationary areas with minimal impact or movement on the plumbing. If this kind of activity is expected, then soldering is more suitable. These fittings are designed to be used one time only.

Compression connections can be used in electrical conduit and plumbing systems to attach two thin walled or tubes together. In cases where two pipes made of different materials need to be joined, the fittings are made of either one or several compatible materials, which are suitable for the connection.

Compression fittings are also extensively utilized for cold and hot water taps as well as the toilet stop valves. They are suited for this application because toilet stop valves are typically situated in confined places where copper pipes would be hard to solder because this procedure can create a fire hazard.

These fittings are heavily utilized in the oil, chemical, biotechnology and semiconductor industries. They are suitable because they can offer a leak tight seal. Compression fittings can also be remade.

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