Brass Flare & Barb fittings for Oil, Gas & Aerospace Industry

Brass Flare & Barb fittings for Oil, Gas & Aerospace Industry

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Finish & Coating Natural Finish, Sand Blasted, Nickel Plated, Electro-Tinned Plated.
Threads UNF & NPT
Size As per material specifications desired by the customer.
Material Specification CW614N (CuZn39Pb3), CW617N (CuZn40Pb2), CW602N(CuZn36Pb2As), CW511L (CuZn38As), Cuphin (CuZn21Si3P) or as per customer requirement.
* No-Lead manufacturing also available

We manufacture Brass Flare & Barb Fittings & Components as per Customer specifications (Drawings & Samples).

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Brass Flare and Barb Fittings and Components in India

Overview :: Flare Fittings are a type of compression fittings that are commonly used with metal tubing. These fittings have a body that constitutes a coned or flared end. Flare fittings are often preferred since they can withstand high pressure and can be used for multiple purposes.
Barb fittings are one of the most widely used and favoured components due to the reliability, convenience, exceptional value and performance they offer. A barb fitting is usually connected to a particular piece of tubing or hose by means of insertion. It creates a strong seal between the fitting and the tubing thus ensuring no leakage. The barb fittings don’t cause any damage to the wall of the tube as the ridge or serration tightly holds on the interior of the tubing wall and offers a sealed surface.

We manufacture top quality Brass Flare/ Barb Fittings and Components :: As a global pipe valve and fitting manufacturer and supplier, we ensure to deliver sturdy and strong products that stand the test of time. We know the industry inside-out and have a comprehensive knowledge of what works best and where. Hence we deliver Barb and Brass Flare Fittingsthat comply with the industry standards. The fittings and components also undergo a thorough quality check before they leave our vicinity. Because we believe in delivering what we promise i.e superior quality products.

Advantages to expect :: At Aquatec India, we offer exceptional quality Brass Flare/ Barb Fittings and components that provide resistance to corrosion and convenience. The fittings can be easily installed and maintained thus saving extra efforts and also money. Moreover, due to the exceptional quality, one can expect the fittings to last for a long period of time. These fittings are specifically curated to meet the needs of several industries such as Aerospace, Gas and Oil.

Aquatec India has established a reputation as one of the leading pipe valve and fittings distributorsbecause of the diligence to offer superior quality products at competitive prices and excellent customer services. In addition to manufacturing standard size fittings, we also offer our clients the facility of customisation. From the size to the material, the Brass Flare and Barb Fittings can be customised as per the client’s requirement. Furthermore, we offer a number of coating and finish options that add to the benefits and distinction of the products.

We pride ourselves in offering quality that goes beyond the ordinary and services that are unmatched. Aquatec India houses some of the finest technology and professionals that together deliver the desired results and provide an array of brass fittings and components that excel, perform and most importantly deliver.