Brass Moulding Inserts and Components

Brass Moulding Inserts and Components

tractor supply brass fittings
Head Type Available Helical Knurled Inserts, Tappex Type Inserts, Press In Type Inserts, Diamond Knurled Inserts, Press in Inserts with Collar Head, Press in Inserts for Hot and Cold Dip, Threaded Inserts, Screw Inserts, Wood Inserts, Precision Inserts, Microsert (Insert Nut for Post Heat Insertion), Unidirectional Knurling Inserts, Straight Knurling Inserts
Size Threaded Size- M2 to M50 and similar in Inches 1/4” to 2”
Standard and Specification Developed specifically as per customer's mould design and requirements
Material Specification CW614N (CuZn39Pb3), CW617N (CuZn40Pb2), CW602N(CuZn36Pb2As), CW511L (CuZn38As), Cuphin (CuZn21Si3P) or as per customer requirement.
* No-Lead manufacturing also available

We manufacture Brass Moulding Inserts and Components as per Customer specifications (Drawings and Samples).

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Brass Moulding Inserts and Components in India

Overview :: The moulded inserts are installed specifically during the moulding process. The inserts are placed inside the cavity of the mould with the help of core pins. The pins are taken out once the mould opens. This results in the insert sitting accurately inside the section of plastic wherein only the threaded area is exposed.

At Aquatec India, we specialize in manufacturing inserts that are produced with the finest technology and best in class materials. With elaborate years of experience in the industry, we understand the requirement for quality material that delivers durability and resistance to corrosion and we ensure to deliver the same. The moulding inserts at Aquatec India are intricately manufactured by adhering to international quality and standards. We offer one of the sought-after fittings- tractor supply brass fittings that are produced with precision and care to deliver quality that defines excellence.

The features of brass moulding inserts offered by Aquatec India are as follows:

  • Smooth and Clean Finish
  • High Tolerance
  • Exceptional Endurance
  • Deterioration Resistance
  • Strong Threads
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • High Density

Advantages to expect :: The moulding inserts manufactured by Aquatec India undergo thorough evaluation before it reaches the client. The assessment involves scrutinising the quality right from the manufacturing to the packaging part of the process. This is done to ensure that our clients get the quality that they expect and what Aquatec India stands for. In addition, the brass inserts and the variants are made available to the clients at nominal rates. We deliver quality at affordable rates and offer products that not just perform but delivers too, thus ensuring that our clients get the best of both worlds- price and high-grade quality.

Moreover, we understand the need for customisation as varied industries require varied solutions. Fitting in any inserts may get the job done temporarily but using the ones that are produced specifically for a structure will deliver consistent and permanent results. Therefore, we offer the facility to produce inserts as per the requirement of our clients as we strongly believe in ‘One size does not fit all’. Customising the moulding inserts not just make them a perfect fit but ensures to deliver efficiency by offering durability, strength and optimal results.