Full Or Multi Turn / Half Turn Angle Valves


multi turn angle valve manufacturers and suppliers
Size 1/2"x1/2”, 1/2"x3/8” or as per Customer Specifications.
Designs Developed and manufactured as per Customer’s requirements.
Field of Application Water
Working Pressure Can be done as per Customer’s specification
Work Temperature Can be done as per Customer’s specification
Standard and Specification Body Standard Free Cutting Brass, Lead Free Brass, Naval Brass, Forging Grade / High Tensile Brass...
Developed as per Customer’s specific design requirements and specifications.
Spindle Hot Pressed / Extruded Brass
O-Rings, Seals, Gaskets Nitrile or any other as per customer’s requirement
Handle / Knob Brass, Zinc or any other material as per Customer’s requirement
Decorative Plate / Rossette Stainless Steel
Threads Metric, UNC NPT Left Threads, BSW, UNF NPTF, BA, BSP BSF
Finish Regular, Shot Blasted, Machined, Natural.
Coating Chrome, Gold, PVD Gold, Lead, Copper and Others as required.
Oxidising: Black, Green, Red, etc. as per requirement.
Other Processes Heat Treatment, Stress Relieving, Chemical Blacking, Shot Blasting, Powder Coating, etc. as per requirement.
Testing 100% Leak Tested

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Multi Turn/ Half Turn Angle Valves in India

Overview :: An angle valve is an essential component that is implemented in the plumbing and sanitary structures to either control or prevent the flow of liquid. Angle valves consist of right-angle inlet and outlet openings. They are also equipped with a valve mechanism that can be adjusted to control the flow of water. In addition, angle valves possess a type of plug, seal and stem that aids in regulating the flow.

Application of Angle Valves

  • For use with Faucets, Toilets, Dishwashers, and Water Dividers.
  • To control the water flow of Household Fixtures.
  • For Easy Repair without shutting off the water to your premises.
  • Typical applications in Housing, Hospitals, Education, Leisure Facilities, Hotel, Multi-storey Residential Buildings.

We manufacture compression fittings:: Angle Valves be it a multi turn angle valve or half turn or any, play a crucial role in regulating the flow which demands them to be made of the finest quality. At Aquatec India we bring together the latest technology and the brightest minds to deliver unmatched quality. We value the investment and trust of our clients; hence, we deliver angle valves that enhance the efficiency of plumbing and sanitary systems, giving them the best of results.

Advantages to expect :: Aquatec India is considered to be one of the leading angle valve manufacturers. We ensure to offer exceptional quality brass angle valves as per the industry standards that allow one to avail multiple benefits such as:

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Durability
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Malleability

Brass Angle Valve is made of forged brass and operated with a handle, normally polished and chrome-plated, designed for lower pressure and small pipelines, such as plumbing, heating and sanitary applications.

Moreover, at Aquatec India we also provide our clients with the option of customization. Right from the size to the design to the working temperature and pressure, we are competent to offer bespoke solutions across several industries. Furthermore, Aquatec India has also carved its name in the industry as one of the prominent angle valve suppliers. We ensure to offer incredible quality products that undergo a comprehensive quality check and also provide exceptional services that deliver the client’s requirements efficiently.